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Friday, August 30, 2013

We made it through our first week!

This will be the last post that walks you through the warm up page that I use at the beginning of each class.  However, it is not the end of the pages!  Your child will complete one a week, so look for them in yellow folders on Wednesdays.  If you ever have any questions, please email me so that I can clarify the work we have done in class.

Today we filled in the fifth square for the 5th day of school.  We found its decimal (0.05), equivalent decimal (0.050) and fraction (5/100).  We then determined the factors of five to be 1, and 5.  This led to the conclusion that 5 is prime.  We then determined that the greatest common factor (GCF) of 5 and 100 is 5.  Therefore, we can simplify the fraction by dividing both the numerator and denominator by 5.  Our equivalent fraction is 1/20.

New today was working with volume.  We drew a rectangular prism and labeled its measurements.  Then we took out the 5th Grade Mathematics chart and found the formula for the volume of a rectangular prism and recorded it on our sheet.  Now we assigned each variable (letter) its value (8 x 30 x 13) and solved for the volume.  We found the volume to be 3,120 cm cubed.  We discuss that cubed means that we are filling our rectangular prism with cubes.  Volume is how much the prism can hold in cubes.

Finally, we explored the idea of working backwards when solving a word problem.  This is an interesting concept because you have to begin with the last sentence of the problem and work sentence by sentence backwards.  So, not only do you read the story backwards, you also have to do the opposite of what the operation tells you to do.... whew!  This is why we will do this type of problem once a week for a while!

We spent the remaining time completing our Math About Me figures.  I will have them on lockers Monday, because I need the weekend to read through them and learn a little more about my students!

Remember, we will have more homework assignments in math beginning next week as we begin to work through my math curriculum with a vengeance!  

Enjoy your long, Labor Day weekend!  Don't forget to visit Dove Fest.  The parade is tomorrow morning at 10:00!

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