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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rounding Decimals

Today was review for the classes.  They worked very hard rounding last year and most of them had no trouble at all remembering the steps.  To help, we added a page to our journal:

However, we did have a minor twist to our rounding.... we were rounding decimals.  There is no difference really, just a difference in the last line of the poem, "Everything after is a zero, not more."  

When working with decimal numbers, you DO NOT have to have the zeroes after the decimal point.  You can just drop them...  For example:

rounded to the nearest thousandth is 
(notice we dropped the last two digits)

It just takes getting a little used to.  It is perfectly fine to keep the zeroes, it is just not efficient or a common practice in mathematics.

The assignment was "End Zone Mischief".

  • Finish "End Zone Mischief"
  • xtramath

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