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Friday, September 6, 2013

Whole Number Place Value Forms

I began our class by giving each student a list of all of the number words to attach to the front cover of the spiral.  I noticed that when writing to me on kid blog, my students were misspelling these types of words.  Now, we have a resource to look to!  (Pardon the line, the copier thought it needed to be added!)

Part of my goal with kidblog is to enhance student writing/typing.  I am most interested in the basics of English (correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization), however, I am also interested in teaching typing etiquette.  For example, there are always two spaces after periods, there needs to be one space after a comma, etc. My other goal is to create critical thinkers by requiring them to think critically about math.  This is a learning process and I hope the blogs grow, not only in length, but in depth of explanation!

Once we had finished our warm up, I sent the differentiation groups to Mrs. Anglin's class to work on their different activity.  The others remained in class and we continued our note taking on whole number place value, but today we concentrated on the number forms.  Standard form is when the number is written using digits.  Word form is writing the numbers using words.  Expanded form breaks the number down into each digit's value.

We finished the day, by looking online to determine the world population.  Apparently it changes every second, much like our national debt!  If you would like to visit the site, the link is:  World Population Clock.  Once we had the population, we labeled the periods to help us work more easily with the VERY LARGE number!  We circled a digit, named its period, named it place, determined its value, wrote it in word form (using our new resource), and finally wrote it in expanded form.  WHEW!  There were some students in each class that were able to continue on.  These students then subtracted the population of the most populous county (China:  Population by Country).  Using this new number, they again circled a digit, named its period, named its place, determined the value of the digit, wrote the number in word form, and finally in expanded form.  Busy day!

Homework:  NONE  

Enjoy your weekend!

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