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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Estimating with Compatible Numbers

Our topic today was compatible numbers (as shown above).  We focused on note-taking and making a foldable in class and will use this information starting tomorrow when we begin our unit on division.

To begin, we made another foldable titled "Zero Is A Hero:  Division".  One half of the paper focused on estimating quotients to division problems with one digit divisors.  I made a video of this session and it is available on youtube at:  Zero Is A Hero: Division (part 1).

The second portion of the foldable focused on estimating quotients with division problems with multiple digit divisors.  This second video is also available on youtube at:  Zero is a Hero: Division (part 2)

Compatible numbers are extremely helpful when we work with division using multiple digit divisors.  It will help determine a reasonable starting place.

Homework:  xtramath.org

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