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Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween Coordinate Graphing

My how time flies!  It is the end of the first six weeks!

I decided to have the kids review a fun topic... coordinate graphing. Right now we are only using a Quadrant 1 grid (whole numbers only), so our paper looked something like:

On a coordinate plane, just like on a graph, the lines have meaning:

  • The point of origin (where you ALWAYS begin) is 0.
  • The line going across the bottom is the X axis.  This is the first coordinate in a set of coordinates.
  • The line going up is the Y axis.  This is the second coordinate in the set.

I gave the kids a set of instructions that was basically a page of coordinates.  Their first coordinate was (1, 13).  So, you go ACROSS the x axis to 1, then UP the y axis to 13 and place a dot where they intersect.  You continue placing the dots (connecting them as you go), and when you are finished, you have a picture.

I will not post Monday or Tuesday as we will be at The Outdoor School!

Have a great weekend!

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