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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lattice VS Standard Multiplication

Lattice multiplication.... After years of struggling to teach the standard algorithm involving multiplication, I have decided to give my students the option to use it or to use lattice multiplication.

In class, we created a journal page called "Lattice VS Standard Multiplication."  The video can be found on my youtube channel by following this link:  Lattice VS Standard Multiplication Video.  I hope this will help explain the process to you.

Once we had reviewed the standard process, we investigated the lattice process.  Many students prefer to continue with the standard, however, there were a few that were thrilled to have an option that made more sense to them and allowed for fewer errors.

I have spoken with Mr. Lackey (6th grade math teacher) about the two options.  He has decided to go ahead and teach this to his current sixth graders as well.  He has also stated that he is fine with the kids having an option on how to solve multiplication problems!

Homework:  edmodo.com

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