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Friday, October 25, 2013

Robotic Parts (Checking Answers)

Our work with long division continues.  We actually began by completing the final question from the worksheet yesterday.  This was a good way to remind ourselves of the steps:  1) estimate, 2) divide.  I also wanted to but this back into their heads for another reason.  I wanted them to write me an "Exit Ticket" answering the prompt:  

Justify why you believe it is helpful 
to estimate the quotient to a long division 
problem BEFORE solving the problem.

Next, we took a little detour from division.   I felt like they needed to know how to check their answers to their division problems before we move on to working independently!  So, we began by creating a foldable for our journal.  To see the video about the foldable, please follow the link:  Checking A Division Problem (Foldable)

Next, we used these notes to help guide us with finding the answer to our division problems.  We used yesterday's assignment "Robotic Parts" and found the answer to the robots' right hands using our new knowledge.


Have a great weekend!

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