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Monday, October 21, 2013

Who Stole It? (Single Digit Division)

We began by asking a question... "Is Division Easy?"  (See the video at:  Is Division Easy)  I had the students create a journal page and we answered this question with another question...  "Does McDonald's Sell Cheese Burgers Really?"  This second question is really an acronym that is meant to help students remember the steps to a division problem:

  • D - divide
  • M - multiply
  • S - subtract
  • C - compare
  • B - bring down
  • R - repeat or remainder.
We also added a few division vocabulary words:
  • dividend - what is being divided
  • divisor - what we are dividing by
  • quotient - answer to division problem
Finally, we defined division as the opposite of multiplication.  We also noted that division is actually separating into equal groups.

Since, today's focus was on division, we used the paper from Friday called "Who Stole It?"  On Friday, we had used these division problems to estimate answers (see Friday's blog).  Today, we worked the problem and compared our answer to our estimates to see if our quotients were reasonable.... THEY WERE!  See video:  Who Stole It? (Division)

My goal is to show students that if they will estimate their answer before solving a division problem, then they can use the estimate as a starting point!  Knowing where to begin when solving division is half the battle!

Homework:  xtramath.org

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