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Monday, December 16, 2013

Twelve Days of Christmas COSTS WHAT?!?!?

The Twelve Days of Christmas

I love this week!  This is one of my favorite math weeks.  We began by exploring how many gifts "my true love" received in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas.  While the number is impressive, my kids minds are blown by the total amount spent on the the gifts!

To begin, I show my classes The Twelve Days of Christmas pop-up book by my favorite pop-up book author, Robert Sabuda.  Then I posed the questions:

  • How many gifts do you think "my true love" received?
  • How much money did he spend on "my true love"?
To find out, I had gone to the Christmas Price Index.  This site is updated the first Monday of each December.  It gives the current price for each item as well as the total price of the collective 364 gifts.

I did not want to just go through the index, so I created a power point along with a spreadsheet for us to explore the answers to these questions.  The spreadsheet keeps track of the number of days each gift is given, the cost per day, the total for all of the days, and the number of gifts given each day.

My kids were more than surprised by the amounts some of the gifts cost!  They were also surprised by the number of gifts given (364).  However, they were most taken aback by the total amount he spend on "my true love".... a whopping $114,650.89!  

Our completed spreadsheet:

Who knew math could be fun?!

HOMEWORK:  Countdown 2.1

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