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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Computer Day

Before heading to the computer lab, we wanted to see how our theoretical probability from our spinners yesterday stood up to the experimental probability we found.  We combined all of the data from the three classes.

For spinner #1, we had a total of 1100 spins.  This meant that each of our four colors should have been spun 275 times.  Here is our complete data with circle graph:

For spinner #2, we also had 1100 spins.  However, with red taking up half the spinner, it needed to have 550 spins while blue and yellow should have had 275 each.  Here is our data and circle graph:

The kids love that the circle graph for each spinner actually looks very similar to the spinner itself!  Theoretically, that is what is SUPPOSED to happen!

The rest of class was spent in the computer lab.  
We worked on khanacademy.org.  

We have a khanacademy.org competition going.  
The benchmarks of the competition are:


30 mastered skills - join the club
42 members

45 mastered skills - Khan t-shirt
23 t-shirts

60 mastered skills - Invitation to Khan Banquet
8 invitations

75 mastered skills - sit at the head table
3 @ the head table

90 mastered skills - medals awarded
2 medalists

HIGHEST Khan mastered skills - "TOP Khan" award

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