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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Measurement: Atop the Drop Kick Coaster (Day 2)

We continued working on "Atop the Drop Kick Coaster."  Today we focused on answering question #4.  Basically, the kids needed to create a schedule of their day.  

Before beginning, I made sure they thought about this as if it were a real day spent at an amusement park (they need to potty and eat).  I also reminded them that it takes time to walk to each of the rides.  The instructions said that all 5 rides had to be included and we needed to show the amount of time spent in line AND the amount of time riding the ride.

So we worked together to create a table to show our work:

Many groups found that they could ride all of the rides and include food and everything and still be done by around 2:00.  I explained that if they had spent $65 on their ticket.... would they really leave the park after 3 hours, or would they keep riding....?  They kept riding.....

HOMEWORK:  Countdown 4.6


30 mastered skills - join the club
48 members

45 mastered skills - Khan t-shirt
27 t-shirts

60 mastered skills - Invitation to Khan Banquet
13 invitations

75 mastered skills - sit at the head table
4 @ the head table

90 mastered skills - medals awarded
2 medalists

HIGHEST Khan mastered skills - "TOP Khan" award

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