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Monday, February 10, 2014

Reasonable Predictions

A prediction is a reasonable guess of what you think will happen.  A reasonable prediction is based upon data.  For example:

I could make the prediction that Shawn will make 3 more free throws in the next 21 attempts.  To prove that my prediction is reasonable, I would first need to total the number of free throws made (35) and create my fraction of free throws for Shawn as 5/35.  Now, if Shawn is going to make 21 more throws, I would need to simplify my fraction to get a denominator that would be easier to work with.  5/35 simplified is 1/7.  Now, make an equivalent fraction.  My denominator becomes 21 by multiplying 7 x 3.  Therefore my numerator is multiplied by 3 (1 x 3 = 3).  So, my reasonable prediction would be 3 more free throws.

In class, we used tiles to make predictions.  To see how we made reasonable predictions,  found theoretical probability, and experimental probability using tiles, please watch my video:  Reasonable Predictions.  After taking the notes, we actually worked with a few problems to make our predictions.

These types of problems will be on the STAAR test on April 1.  
HOMEWORK:  Countdown 4.1

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