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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Toilet Talk

Our topic yesterday was handshakes.  Today our topic was toilet paper!  Once again, I found the activity "Toilet Talk" on the Hungry Teacher website.  I knew that anything involving toilet paper would interested my kids!

There are three sections to the lesson from Hungry Teacher.  We focused on the "beginner" lesson today.  We found:

  • the length and width (dimensions) of a square of toilet paper
  • the area and perimeter of a square of toilet paper
  • the length of a roll of toilet paper in inches, feet, and yards
  • the total area of a roll of toilet paper
  • the diameter and radius of a roll of toilet paper
  • about how many pounds of toilet paper one tree produces
  • and the percentage of people in the world who do not have a toilet

To finish the lesson, I had the kids complete a 3-2-1 exit ticket.

3 things I learned
2 things I thought were interesting
1 thing that surprised me

We will continue our Toilet Talk tomorrow!

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