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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Estimating Division Problems (Day 2)

Division.... another word for ..... THINK!  My classes did a great job today!  Once again, I differentiated my classes.  I had one group that went to Content Mastery to work on learning the division process using division problems that were given to them.  They were required to estimate, solve, and check each problem.... this required much thinking!  

I had one group that had mastered the process, so they were given a higher level thinking challenge.  This challenge gave the students statements that they had to create division problems for using given dividends and divisors.... this required much thinking!  

My third group used playing cards to create 4-digit by 2-digit division problems.  They got to use dry erase markers to solve their problems.  They had to create the problem, estimate the problem, solve the actual problem, and check their problem.... this required much thinking!  

No matter which group.... they had to put their brain to use!

To finish our day, I gave everyone a statement to solve and explain:

I will explain how to use compatible numbers 
to prove my estimation that 
7548 divided by 38 is  _____ because _____.


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