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Friday, September 5, 2014

Muliplication Differentiation

I broke my classes into two groups today.  I had a group of children who needed practice with the standard algorithm of multiplication (not to mention.... they don't know their multiplication facts....  STILL).  These kids went to work in Content Mastery to have small group instruction and immediate intervention.

My second group worked on a Multiplying Menu from Choose & Do Math Grids.  This page gave each student 9 activities to choose from.  This allowed for more individualized engagement.  Each child chose an activity that appealed to them.  I asked that they show me their answers as they worked, so that I also could catch and correct any issues.  The issues that appeared most often were a forgotten step, or a small multiplication or addition error.

My plan, is to allow them to work in these groups again on Monday in an effort to make their three-digit by two-digit multiplication effortless.

Have a great weekend!

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