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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Catch Up (Thursday and Friday)

This does not happen very often, but on occasion, things interrupt the normal schedule and throw us off.  

Today we needed to hear our Student Council Officer speeches, so we were out of the classroom for a while.  The speeches were well presented and fun to hear!   The classes will be voting for the officers today using their Chromebooks and a form created on Survey Monkey.  

Another "hitch in the get-a-long" is the fact that it is my week to cover Social Studies (I'm actually doing next week as well).  The lost time this morning meant that the Liberty Kids video on the First Continental Congress was not shown to to three classes, so I need to use additional time from my math block.  This will happen tomorrow morning as well, as we hold our Friday AWE Campfire Meeting before the pep rally. Since I want my students to see the video about the "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" AND do not want the Social Studies assignment to become homework on a Friday, I will give ample time in class to complete the assignment!

Oh, and tomorrow is Character Dress Up Day......

So... I will have a limited amount of math time today and tomorrow.  The time I do have, we will 
  • complete an Entrance Ticket (assessing prior knowledge),
  •  do our Estimation 180 for the day (the kids revolt if we skip this), and 
  • get onto a Personal Financial Literacy site (handsonbanking.org) on the Chromebooks in order for the students to begin learning about money (spending, saving, balancing a budget, taxes, etc.).  Feel free to let your child explore this free program at home!

We will begin our Personal Financial Literacy lessons on Monday.

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