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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Decimal Multiplication using Area Model

Today we looked at multiplication of decimals using an area model.  To see the examples that we placed in our math journal, please see the video:  

Decimal Multiplication with Area Models

After working through a few examples, we compared using the area model to using the Distributive Property and explained the similarities between the two.  The instructions for this are shown on this video:

Distributive VS Area Model

Students do have a math assignment.  They need to complete the problems on p. 127-128 along with the writing assignment that asks them to explain the similarities between the area model and the Distributive Property.

Finally, we had our first day of intervention.   

  • Two groups of students worked with a teacher on solving a problem by 1) reading the problem, 2) thinking about and talking about how to solve the problem, 3) writing the steps to HOW to solve the problem, and 4) solving the problem.
  • One group of students worked on solving a Would You Rather problem:

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