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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Division of Decimals by 2-Digit Divisors

The process of division remains the same no matter how many digits you are dividing by.  Today we divided by two- digit divisors into a decimal number.  Like yesterday, the process is still the same, it's just the idea of a decimal point that throws my kids off.  It is just a matter of placing the decimal in the quotient before beginning to divide.  

Of course the next problem was dividing by a two digit divisor.  It's not the process, it is the fact that you have to work to determine the "number of times" a two-digit divisor "goes into" the dividend.  Not a favorite of my 5th graders.... working....

The page I had them work on was called "Behind the Scenes."  I found it it The Mailbox:  Teacher's Helper, the June/July 2012 issue, p. 33.  The page had the kids solve 6 multiplication and 6 division problems.  The assignment was made a little more challenging by the fact that you had to use a code to determine the numbers to use.  We did have 30 minutes of classtime to work on the assignment.

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