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Monday, December 8, 2014

Multiply Decimals and Whole Numbers

We began our class today by voting on the final five choices for our Think30 Reward.  I will let students know the outcome in the next day or two.

Next, I discussed our intervention rotations that will begin tomorrow.  Basically, I will begin working with small groups of students daily to ensure growth on their STAAR test in late March.  I have three rotation groups that have different schedules for the week based on educational need:

  • Group 1
    • Monday - teacher
    • Tuesday - TTM
    • Wednesday - teacher
    • Thursday - TTM
    • Friday - teacher
  • Group 2
    • Monday - Frog Games
    • Tuesday - TTM
    • Wednesday - Would You Rather
    • Thursday - TTM
    • Friday - Math Fair
  • Group 3
    • Monday - TTM
    • Tuesday - Hungry Teacher
    • Wednesday - TTM
    • Thursday - Hungry Teacher
    • Friday - Math Fair
  1. "Teacher" is working with an adult on math concepts.
  2. "TTM" is working on thinkthroughmath.com
  3. "Frog Games" are mathematical concept games.
  4. "Would You Rather" is problem solving with a prediction and a conclusion.
  5. "Hungry Teacher" is problem solving with a critical thinking component.
  6. "Math Fair" is creating a PowToon over 6 different ways math is a part of something they are an "expert" at.  (ALL students will eventually create this PowToon.)

We were finally able to get back to solving an estimation180.com problem!  The kids were thrilled!  I think many of them thought we weren't going to do them again, but I just didn't have time to work them in last week!

Finally, we took notes on solving problems involving multiplication of decimals with whole numbers.  We learned how to use a hundredths model to show our multiplication and then we solved the problem with the standard algorithm.  I am required to have students show understanding of multiplication through a variety of strategies, so what you see coming home may not look anything like how you solved multiplication problems.  Please know that I am attempting to ensure that there will not be any surprises on their assessments!  Let me know if you would like to visit about the strategies that I am required to teach!  To see the video: Multiplication of Whole Numbers with Decimals

Students were asked to think critically about multiplication of decimal numbers by:
  1. Solve 3 x 0.46
  2. COMPARE the product of 0.46 and 3 with each of the factors.  Which number has the greatest value?
  3. EXPLAIN how this is different than multiplying two whole number (ie. 46 x 3).
Then, students had a math assignment to complete (p. 115 from the math book).  Finally, any student who completed their assignment used their Chromebook to work on thinkthroughmath.com.  Their assignment should be in their yellow folder if you would like to look over their work.

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