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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Twelve Days of Christmas Costs WHAT?!?!

The Twelve Days of Christmas

I love this time of year!  I love that I can use a Christmas Carol to reinforce math concepts!  Today, we worked to discover (1) how many gifts were received and (2) how much "my true love" spent on the gifts in the Twelve Days of Christmas.

We began by realizing that the partridge and the pear tree were given each day.  This means that she received 12 partridges and pear trees and the number increases from there!  My kids were stunned by the number of birds she received.  This lead to the introduction of the word "aviary"!  There was also a pattern discovered.... the number of gifts each day increased through day 6 but then began to recede.

To learn the value of each gift, I had the classes go to the website sponsored by the PNC Financial Services group called "The Great Carol Comeback" which gives prices for each of the gifts along with a cute story, song, or other interactive goodie.  The web address is:  https://www.pncchristmaspriceindex.com/

My classes really enjoyed getting to solve this problem!  It was of high interest, they were allowed to use calculators, and they were astonished at the prices!  Fun day in math!

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