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Friday, January 23, 2015

Adding and Subtracting Mixed Number

Today we continued working with addition and subtraction of fractions.  However, today we worked with adding and subtracting fractions that were mixed numbers (a whole number with a fraction).

In the process of adding and subtracting our mixed numbers, we came across an answer that was an improper fraction.  I have not taught the procedure to convert mixed to improper or improper to mixed (that is on the books for Monday), so I am accepting answers in the form of improper fractions for today, since I want to introduce and work with one concept at a time!  (I will know better for next year...I should have known better this year!)

Anyway, we worked in table groups again today as we are still becoming comfortable with the process of adding and subtracting fractions.  There are a lot of steps to remember!

  • find the LCD of the two fractions using factor trees and venn diagrams
  • convert the fractions into equivalent fractions using the LCD
  • perform the operation (addition or subtraction)
  • determine if the answer needs to be simplified
  • use factor trees and venn diagrams to find the GCF
  • simplify the fraction

To get these steps down so that we are comfortable takes practice, practice, and more practice!  

I did solve a few problems with the classes to give examples of adding and subtracting mixed numbers.  To view this please watch the video:  Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers.

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