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Monday, January 26, 2015

Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

We worked with Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions today.  We began by taking notes and making a foldable for our math journals.

First, we focused on Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions.  To see our notes, please go to:  Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions.  

I had found a visual on Mixed Numbers from The Mailbox Magazine:

I liked this little bit of help!  Anything that I can use to help my students remember the steps makes me happy!  In fact, I explained that changing a mixed number into an improper fraction was also like doing a somersault (you move your way around the fraction).

When we turned to improper fractions to mixed numbers, we did not have a fun little helper.   This time, I explained that this set of steps is more like a backflip (you flip from the denominator up into the numerator:  divide).

Once we had taken our notes, we went to the IXL website to work on solving these kinds of problems.  If you would like to practice at home, there are two links:

We will continue to practice our new skills tomorrow.

HOMEWORK:  FINISH Countdown 2.2 and the writing prompt on the back.

Decompose the procedure for solving this problem and simplifying your answer:

5/12 + 4/9

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