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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snowflake Critical Attributes

We began the lesson by brainstorming a list of critical attribute questions that we use in geometry to classify any shape.  Our list included:

  • Can it be classified as a polygon?
  • How many sides?
    • can it be classified as a quadrilateral?
  • How many angles?
    • right?
    • acute?
    • obtuse?
  • How many vertices?
  • What kinds of lines?
    • parallel?
    • intersecting?
    • perpendicular?
  • Is there symmetry?
    • how many lines of symmetry?

Once we completed the list of critical attributes, we created snowflakes.  Each student was given a template to use.  I found the templates at http://www.daves-snowflakes.com/patterns.html  Each template began as a hexagon, was folded on a line of symmetry to form a trapezoid, was folded to form a rhombus, and finally folded to form an equilateral triangle.  Now, the students cut away the black areas.  Each snowflake was attached to a sheet of black construction paper:

Finally, the students had to write critically about the snowflake.  I did not want to read about "fun" or "cool" or "awesome."  While I love hearing this words about my class, they are not mathematical words that describe our learning.  So the writing prompt was:

Explain the geometry found in your snowflake by describing at least three geometric attributes.

Students were to use our list of critical attributes to guide their writing.

The snowflakes are displayed on lockers.  Snow in Texas!

HOMEWORK:  Countdown 1.2

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