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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's Taking Longer Than I Thought!

Time flies.... so they say... and it couldn't be more true than when implementing new technology!  We were able to move forward with our exploration of Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers Using Models, but we did not get nearly as far as I had hoped.

Today, we had to enroll in Learn Zillion.   This is a free website that houses educational videos and lessons. Enrolling may sound easy, but when dealing with twenty 10 year olds, computers, and wifi.....  you get my drift.  Finally, we were enrolled!

Next, we had to test out our bookmark tabs.  We began by going to "My Drive" to open our Google Doc from yesterday that holds our video notes.  Then we had to go to the "Classroom" tab to get to Google Classroom.  This is where I had saved the link to the video.  Now that we had these two tabs open, it was time to use Tab Scissors to split the screen into two pages.  The first page showed the video and the second page showed the document where we would be taking notes.  This entire process took about 30 minutes of our class time.

With the remaining class time we had left, students watched the video and took notes about the things they thought were interesting, a new idea, or even questions they might now have.  I think that tomorrow we might be able to get to the activity!  :-)

We rounded out the day by spending 30 minutes on Think Through Math. 

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