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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

More Technology in Math

Before moving into our next topic in math, I needed to to a few more "housekeeping" things with the kids and their Chromebooks.  

First, we went in and cleaned out their email.  I explained that it is important to read and then either save or discard the email once the task is performed.  There is no reason to keep all email from the beginning of time!  Then we created a bookmark for GMail to use as a shortcut!

Next, we created bookmarks for the sites that we will be spending time in:

We also edited our bookmarks so that only the icon is left, or a short reminder.  Just click on the star at the end of the URL and edit the name.  This allows them to have space for more necessary bookmarks.

Using our Google classroom bookmark, we went to our online math classroom.  The assignment was to look at an image on the screen and predict our math learning goal for the day using a Google Form.  This step focuses their mind on the goal for the day.

Then, I showed my classes how to use their Chromebook as a QR reader using QR Code Extension.  They use the camera on the Chromebook to capture the QR code.  This code took them to a link.  This link opens to a video about Multiplying Fractions by a Whole Number Using Models (our goal for the day).  

We were able to open this site AND a Google Doc and then use Tab Scissors to split the screen in two.  This way, students can watch the video AND take notes at the same time!!!

At this point, technology threw me a loop... I have to have the kids sign up for the site that we are visiting.  It is a free, educational site, and they will join based on a code given them.  No personal information necessary.  However, I have to enroll them and we have to sign up before moving forward with our goal.

I cannot wait until tomorrow!  

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