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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Multiply a Fraction by a Whole Number

Today we worked on solving multiplication problems involving fractions and whole numbers.  We began by taking some notes.  First we reviewed how we used a model to represent the multiplication, but then we moved into using the standard algorithm.  I made a video of the notes, however, something within the system would not allow the video to post to YouTube, so I have a picture of the notes instead:

As you can see from number one that we would (1) take the fraction and multiply the numerator by the whole number, but the denominator would stay the same (2) we would then convert our improper fraction into a mixed number and (3) we would simplify our mixed number as needed.

We completed about 8 problems practicing this new skill.  We will continue with this topic tomorrow.

We finished our class with Countdown to STAAR 2.5 .  This is homework if it was not completed in class.

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