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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Appropriate Measurement Tools and Units

My math class seems to be a multitudinous grouping of different activities!  For example, today, we began with a writing assignment.  I want the kids to think about math a little differently in order to stretch their brains.  I used a book titled, The Write Math:  Writing in the Math Class by Cathy Marks Krpan to help us 

I gave them a choice of two prompts:

If you could pick ONE of the geometric shapes
we have studied to represent happiness, which 
one would you choose and why?


If mathematics were an animal, what type of 
animal would it be?  Why?  Support your
choice with mathematics.

Once we finished our writing exercise, it was time to Kahoot!  Today's Kahoot was about the tools and units we use to measure length, weight/mass, and volumen/capacity.  We answered these questions using both customary and metric measurements.

After Kahoot, we completed a Countdown to STAAR.  Finally, the students had a choice of writing their story for our Global Blogging Challenge that is due tomorrow.

Like I said, multitudinous! 

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