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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Classify Angles

We began with some VERY quick notes about angles today.  I know my students understand right angles (90 degrees), acute angles (<90 degrees), and obtuse angles (>90 degrees).  However, I wanted to spend some time discussing straight angles (measures 180 degrees).  I explained that when you extend the base of the angle (a ray) turning it into a line, you create the second angle (these are called supplementary angles).  The original angle along with this "new" angle will always equal 180 degrees (a straight line).  To practice creating angles and classifying them, 

I gave the students an activity from the AIMS Education Foundation called "Flight Paths."  Basically, students use a ruler to connect three cities and form an angle.  Once the angle was formed, I demonstrated using an index card to determine whether the angle was acute, obtuse, or a right angle.  You can watch this demonstration on my video:  Angles.

I did not ask the students to find the exact measurement of each angle, this is not a 5th grade TEK.  Instead, I asked them to label the angle <90 degrees, >90 degrees, or 90 degrees.

The kids really enjoyed this activity!  There was not a moment off task!  The most challenging part of the activity was finding the cities on the map.  I like when they can see how math intermingles with other content areas!

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