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Monday, March 30, 2015

Coordinate Graphing Notes

NO technology?!?!  Yep, for the next two days, we are being asked to keep off Chromebooks.  We are taking the STAAR test over the next two days (today is 4th grade) and a new ruling from TEA allows students with dyslexia to take their tests online.  So, this being new and all, we are to steer clear of using any of the bandwidth to ensure that there are no computer glitches during testing!

It really is ok.... for a day or two!  

My week of Social Studies is over, but today we watched the PowToons we created (we can use the teacher computer) about The Unfair Treatment of African-Americans During the Early 20th Century.  If you would like to view these, please visit of Kidblog pages:
  •  http://kidblog.org/AWEDittrich/
  • http://kidblog.org/AWEWhitehead/
  • http://kidblog.org/AWEJohnson/


After completing the PowToons we moved into math.  In our math journal, we labeled the x-axis, y-axis, and point of origin.  We also created the ordered pair of numbers that plots a point on the grid (aka coordinates).  If you would like to view the lesson, please watch the video:  Ordered Pairs.

We finished up by creating a picture using ordered pairs.  The picture is called "A Cheerful Earful".  I will post the picture once students have turned it in.  I have not assigned it as homework as we have a Reading STAAR test tomorrow.

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