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Friday, March 6, 2015

Global Blogging Challenge

This was our first day to see our blog posts live on the web!  This was also our first time to leave a comment on another student's post.  So...this took some time!

I began by brainstorming with my students a list of things that should be included in a comment.  Just leaving "That's cool," doesn't cut it!  Our list of ideas included:

  • Content
    • give specific details
    • give a compliment
    • put your name (first) and location (Texas, USA)
    • ask a question
    • no negatives
    • high level vocabulary
  • Mechanics
    • capitalization
      • sentences
      • proper nouns (I)
    • punctuation
    • correct spelling
  • Format - Letter
    • topic sentence, conclusion
    • greeting, closing
I also included a sample form students can use to write an appropriate comment:

Dear ____________,

I enjoyed reading about _____________ because _____________________.  I especially liked ______________.  Did you know __________________?  I was wondering ________________?  I hope to hear from you soon, My blog is at _________________.


First Name (Texas, USA)

We spent the remainder of our class finding student blogs and posting comments. Next week, we will only spend about 30 minutes total on this activity.

Please feel free to look at our blogs (use the links on the left side of this page titled Let's Blog) and please leave a comment. My student's would love to hear from you!

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