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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Measurement: Weight (Customary and Metric) Conversions

Our topic today was conversion of units using weight and mass.  Weight is the pull of gravity on an object, and we use measurements of ounces, pounds, and tons in America.  Weight is measured on a scale and weight changes when you (hypothetically) go to another planet because the amount of the pull of gravity has changed.

Mass, on the other hand, is the amount of matter something contains.  It is measured using a balance.  The amount of matter does NOT change if you go to another planet, so your mass measurement is constant.  All countries (other than the U.S.) use the measurement of mass to determine the amount of matter an object contains (including humans).
I used Kahoot to present the word problems to my students. I find that my students will work all kinds of problems, happily, when playing a game.  Today, they solved 15 WORD problems without any whining!  That is always a good day!

We also spent time working on a Countdown to STAAR.  We complete one just about every other day, in an effort to have a spiral review (a review of concepts previously taught).

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