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Monday, March 9, 2015


We began our lesson by playing Kahoot!  Our topic was "Quadrilaterals."  Each statement was to be answered with "Always," "Sometimes," or "Never."  This was intended to be a formative assessment that also got their brains working (hard to do when we have the Daylight Savings change).  The statements I gave to the students were:

  1. A square is a rectangle.
  2. A square is a rhombus.
  3. A rhombus is a parallelogram.
  4. A kite is a parallelogram when it is a rhombus.
  5. A rectangle is a square.
  6. A parallelogram has one pair of obtuse angles.
  7. A parallelogram is a rectangle.
  8. A rhombus is a square.
  9. A kite has four right angles.
  10. A trapezoid has no parallel sides.
  11. A quadrilateral has four acute angles.
  12. A trapezoid is a parallelogram.
After we finished our warm-up, we took some notes on quadrilaterals and their critical attributes.

To hear my lesson describing the critical attributes of quadrilaterals, parallelograms (rectangles, square, rhombus) and trapezoids, please watch the video:  Quadrilaterals.  After taking our notes, I gave each student a copy of "Quadrilateral Pieces" that I found in Navigating Through Geometry in Grades 3-5 from NCTM.  Then, using a page from our math textbook, students classified the quadrilaterals and placed them on a Venn-Diagram.

Finally, students went back to the Google Classroom, opened a form I had sent them, and answered:

Explain why the circle for parallelograms does not
intersect the circle for trapezoids.

Once the math lesson was complete, students got onto Think Through Math.  We have 5 weeks until our STAAR test, so students have 5 weeks to achieve their Think30!  The goal is going to Chuck E Cheese and a movie in May!

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