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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Toys of the 20th Century and Think Through Math

We began our class with Social Studies.  We read about changes taking place in the 20th century which included massive changes in technology including networks for trolley cars, subway trains, telephones, radios, etc.  These same changes led to mass production in the manufacturing of cars and a group of people called Progressives, that wanted the government to step in and regulate large corporations from becoming monopolies.

After reading about all of these changes, I mentioned that there were also changes happening for children.  New toys were being invented.  I explained that this came about due to the fact that children did not have to help work on family farms and, therefore, had more time on their hands.  I also stated that they might be surprised that some of the toys invented one hundred years ago are still played with today!

I explained that they would be looking up the toys invented in the early 20th century (between 1900 - 1960), choose 5 toys that they know to be still popular and that they believe will be popular in another 100 years.  Of course, they would have to justify their thinking!  We got onto Google Classroom and went to Social Studies.  There, they opened the Google Doc that they would turn in and the link to the Toys of the 20th Century.  Then I turned them loose!

Global Blogging Challenge Week 4

Post a picture of a place that is special to you. This place could be as simple as your backyard where you get to visit every day. It could be a place where you have only visited once, but you'll never forget it. Your special place could be somewhere that you enjoy alone or with family and friends. Let your readers know about this special place, what makes it so special, and help us feel as if we are there.

  • If you did not take the picture of your special place, give credit to those who did.
  • Make sure that your picture does not give identifying information to the world.
  • Follow any other guidelines for this project that your parents, teacher, and/or school have put into place.

Once they had completed their assignment, they had some time to work on their Global Blogging Challenge assignment that is due tomorrow.  Again, they can work on a Google Doc and type the assignment now, or they can use notebook paper.

Finally, we spent the last 30 minutes working on Think Through Math.  We are coming down to the wire.  Students have a little over 3 weeks to achieve their goal of Think30!  Progress reports will be coming home tomorrow.  I am attaching a note that tells how many lessons your child has passed.

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