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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Coordinate Graphing: Design Your Town (Day 2)

We continued with Design Your Town today.  When the students came into math, they spent about 20 minutes on Think Through Math while I took a picture of their maps and emailed it to them.  Originally, I wanted to have them use the Chromebook to take the picture, but I am just not ready to show them how to do that!  Lately the junior high-itis is setting in and students are not always making the right choices...

Anyway, after I had sent the email, I had them to to their math Classroom and open the Google Doc I had assigned.  We imported the picture of their map onto the Google Doc, and instead of doing their work on a separate sheet of paper, as stated in the instructions, I asked them to complete the following tables on the Google Doc:

We spent the rest of our class time completing the tables using their maps and ordered pairs.  Not everyone was able to get finished, so we will spend about 20 minutes on Monday completing the tables and sharing our finished product on Kidblog.

No school tomorrow.....

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