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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Angry Bird Project: Testing

Today was the BIG DAY.... testing our Angry Bird Project structures!  I began by having each group pose with their diorama for a photo (to be used on Kidblog).  Then we began our testing:

  1. Did the structure measure at least 30 cm?
  2. Did the structure have a platform that measured 10 cm x 10 cm?
  3. Did the structure hold a 50g weight for 10 seconds?
  4. Could the structure stand up in a hurricane (a fan on high)?
  5. Could the structure withstand an earthquake (Mrs. D shaking the box) for 10 seconds?
My classes thoroughly enjoyed the testing!  We did have some collapses under the weight and a few with the earthquake, but I am going to have to get a better wind blowing machine than the pitiful fan I had!

Once we had tested all of the structures, we voted on the two that would represent each class.  I asked the kids to take into account the diorama decorations as well as the structure.

Finally, we posted to Kidblog.  Now this was a feat unto itself!  First students had to open their email to find the photo that I sent them.  This needed to be downloaded.  Then, we had to get onto our Google Drive to find the photo I had shared with them of the backdrop to use as a header in Kidblog.  Next, we logged onto Kidblog, and created a new post.  I showed them how to add a header to their post from Google Drive.  Then we uploaded their photo by dragging it into the upload box.  Finally, we used the Drive embed button to attach the justification letter students had sent me through Google Classroom last week.  These letters have not been proofread or edited, they are just students' justification for the use of Angry Birds in math class.  To view our posts, please visit:

Tonight is our AWEsome expo.  I will have a table set up with the Angry Bird backdrop, the six dioramas, a few printed justifications, and some Chromebooks.  The Chromebooks will be available for parents to see their child's diorama (if it is not one of the six on the table) and explore previous Kidblog posts.

Here are the student projects with their proud owners:

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