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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

AWEsome Expo and Coding

A final note regarding the Angry Bird Project, we had our AWEsome Expo last night.  It was a great success!  We had most of our 5th graders attend and parents were EVERYWHERE!  It was AWEsome!  I loved that having an Expo required the students to discuss their learning.  Each student had a scheduled time to man the math booth. During their 15 minutes, they were to explain our project and the math that was involved.  I really enjoyed this versus a traditional Open House!

Today, I asked my students to work on coding.  We used the site http://code.org/learn.  This site teaches students to write their first computer program using Angry Birds (fits right in!).   They can learn how to draw in JavaScript, or they can move into other coding languages and play CodeCombat or Make a Flappy Game.  My kids LOVED this!

Interestingly, just as I was planning on having my students code, I received my TCEA magazine techedge in the mail.  The entire magazine focused on coding!  The articles explained why we need to teach coding to students, and where to begin.  It also included an article that talks about coding being the new literacy.  Unbelieveably, I also received an email this morning with a link to a blog giving 10 reasons to teach coding.  I find all of this very timely!

We will continue our coding adventures tomorrow!

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