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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Perimeter and Area Robots (continued from Friday)

Last Friday, I had a substitute.  I left an activity for my classes that reviewed perimeter and area called the Perimeter and Area Robot.  I chose this activity knowing that we would be working with surface area this week and wanted to review area prior to moving to a new concept.  I discovered that most students did not complete the assignment on Friday, so we completed it today as some students worked on their retake of the Reading STAAR.

To give you an idea of the activity, the students were asked to create a robot using a set of instructions detailing each part of the robot.  For example, the students had to create a head for the robot that had an area of 35 square cm.  While it may seem that all of the robots would look alike, each student interpreted the 35 cm differently.  This gives each robot a distinct look.

After using cm grid paper to create a head, neck, body, left arm, right art, left leg, right leg, left foot, and right foot, students cut out each part and glued them onto a sheet of construction paper.  I also asked that they add color to give visual interest.

This was a high interest activity that my students all enjoyed!

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