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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Titanic 1st Class Luncheon

Today we celebrated our Titanic First Class Luncheon.  The girls were resplendent in their beautiful dresses and the boys were dashing in their suits and ties!  The First Methodist Church was decorated beautifully and the food was excellent.  The students enjoyed their 5 course meal which was served as a three piece band and the low lighting helped set the overall feel of the event.

There were many, many, many photos taken.  We will be sending information home on getting copies.

At the end of the meal, Mrs. Johnson gave some final statistics regarding the night Titanic sank and asked the musicians to play "Nearer My God to Thee."  It is said that the orchestra continued to play in an effort to calm nerves as the life boats were loaded.  The last song played was "Nearer My God to Thee," as the ship sank.

To end the luncheon, students were given an envelope that contained a copy of the front page of the newspaper that was published the morning after Titanic sank.  It also held a biography of an actual passenger on the Titanic.  Many students learned that they were seated with family members at their dining table.   The moment they opened the envelope they learned their fate, and the fate of their family members, the night Titanic sank.

Based on the information from the Titanic:

The passengers:
  • 438 passengers were women (20%)
  • 112 passengers were children (5%)
  • 1664 passengers were men (75%)
  • 324 women survived (74%)
  • 56 children survived (50%)
  • 325 men survived (20%)
Placing our 5th grade numbers into the statistics:
  • 18 of our girls (out of 25) survived
  • 7 of our boys (out of 36) survived
This really resounded with the boys and girls when we asked the girl survivors to stand and then then the boy survivors to stand.  It was very sobering.

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