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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Today, Ms. Colson completely took the reins.  She will be teaching full days through the end of next week.  She is doing a terrific job!

She continued our work with division by having the students play a Kahoot that required them to solve division problems.  They did a great job, but were a little disgruntled by the time limit imposed by Kahoot.  The longest amount of time possible is 2 minutes.  However, the kids worked very hard and their grit and determination allowed them to have success with division!

After the Kahoot, she challenged the students to create a poster, poem, song, etc. that would help them remember the steps to solving a division problem:

We will add these to the students' journals as a helpful reminder to the division steps.  Finally, they worked on a Countdown to STAAR as their spiral review.

We will be moving on to a new topic tomorrow, but just know that we will continue to divide using our spiral reviews!

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