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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Estimation: Compatible Numbers

Today's focus was Compatible Numbers.  While Ms. Colson worked with a majority of the class, I worked with the small group of students who pretested out of Estimation.

Ms. Colson began with students solving a Guess My Number activity.  Next, she asked the students to solve their estimation180 for the day.  She then led the students in working with compatible numbers by modeling and practicing the concept.  After finishing the practice, she had the students play a Kahoot in order to test their knowledge.  Finally, she asked the kids to fill out an exit ticket to reflect on their learning today.  The misconception we addressed was the fact that most students think that because an estimation is not "close" to the actual answer, the estimation must be wrong.  On the exit ticket students were asked:

Explain why it is "ok" for your estimate to be greater than or less than the actual answer.

While she worked with compatible numbers, my groups completed their Estimation Kahoots that will be presented to their classes tomorrow.  These students not only created the problems, they imported the images/pictures used, and had to find the answers to their problems.  Fun!

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