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Friday, September 4, 2015

Estimation Round Up

Today Ms. Colson finished up her week on Estimation.  She opened with our brain warm-ups.  The first was having students create math analogies using a resource from Teachers Pay Teachers:

Next, she asked the students to complete an estimation180 to estimate the number of tissues in the cube.  We discovered yesterday that there were 10 tissues in the small package.

Her next step was to have students review the three types of estimation:  rounding, front-end, and compatible numbers.  She had them complete a "stick it together" activity.  Each student was given a sticky note on which to solve a problem.  They compare their answers and choose the "best" answer to place in the middle.

The groups that worked with me over the past two days were able to share their Kahoot with their classmates.  Fun, fun, fun!

To finish the day, the students took a post assessment on Estimation.

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