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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Frank's Project Day 2

We continued with "Frank's Project" today.  As usual, we began with brain warm-ups.  Today we used   101qs.com  and estimation180.com.  Then we located our project summary in our Google Classroom in order to continue working on it.

Students began by creating the second table for Construction Corral's bid, filling in the actual bid costs, estimating those costs, and finding an estimated total.  

Next, they were asked to compare the two estimates and determine which construction company they would recommend to Frank at this time.  

(b) Compare the two estimates.  
Explain which company’s estimate appears to be the least expensive.

Finally, the were asked to compute the actual costs of each company's bids.  This was our stopping point.  Students worked at their own pace to complete the pieces of the project summary.  As they finished, they began working on multiplication through Khan Academy.

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