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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Frank's Project

Today we began a real-world estimation project called Frank's Project.  However, before beginning the project, we needed to warm our brains!  I challenged the kids to find:  Which one doesn't belong?  There are many plausible answers to this problem!

Next, we worked on our estimation180 for the day:

Then, we played a Kahoot to review estimation and the three types of estimation we had discovered last week.  Now it was time to begin the project.  I began by reading through the instructions with my students:

We walked though the project and analyzed what we needed to do to be successful.  A project of this size appears to be overwhelming to 5th graders (they are just 10 year old), but after we looked carefully, we realized that we were estimating, adding, and subtracting.  All of those words and scary looking information and we were being asked to do something we were very comfortable with!

We discussed the type of estimation we thought was most appropriate to use (front end estimation), then we had a discussion about how we should keep track of our estimates in an organized manner.  The consensus was to create a table.

The remainder of class was a combination of math and technology as we had to learn how to create a table in Google Docs.  All of the classes were successful in creating the first table:

We were not able to get quite as far as I had anticipated (the mantra of an educator), but I loved that the kids all groaned when told time was up!  We will continue working on our project tomorrow!

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