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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Front-end Estimation

The focus today was Front-end Estimation.  Basically, instead of rounding to a given place value, we round the digit that is in the front.

Ms. Colson led class again today.  She began with a 101 Questions to get brains moving, then she moved into Estimation180.  As she introduced the lesson, she reminded students that there are three types of estimation:  rounding, front-end, and compatible numbers.  Estimation is a strategy used to achieve a reasonable guess.  

Before she began teaching the lesson, we broke the class into two groups.  There was a small group of students in each homeroom who pretested "out" of this lesson, so I moved that group to work with me.

To teach front-end estimation, Ms. Colson used a Kahoot!  The students solved a problem, were shown if the had chosen the correct answer, and then Ms. Colson asked a student to come and show how they had solved the front-end estimation problem to the class.  The students worked through six different problems with varying operations.  Once they understood the process, she handed out their assignment.  It was called "What's for Homework".  The students were asked to, first, solve the problem using front-end estimation and, second, solve the original problem for the actual answer.  They were given ample time to complete the assignment in class, however, some students may have needed to complete a problem or two for homework.  To end the class, she asked the students to complete and "Exit Ticket".  They had to "explain the difference between using front-end estimation and rounding."

In the meantime, I was working with my small group.  We began with the assignment "What's for Homework."  This allowed to me to monitor for understanding.  While all of the students understood front-end estimation completely, a few had difficulty remembering the steps to larger multiplication problems.  No big deal, I just need to be sure to review this with all kids soon!

After completing the assignment, I asked the group to help me create another estimation assignment.  They were given the choice of creating stations for their class to work through, or they could create a Kahoot for their class to play.  Hands down, every group chose a Kahoot.  We spent the remainder of our time creating the questions and looking for images and/or taking photographs to go with each question.  These groups also ended their day by completing the "Exit Ticket".  Tomorrow we will begin making the actual Kahoot.

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