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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mistake are expected!

Today we needed to take a step back.  On Monday, we had played a Kahoot using 3-digit by 2-digit multiplication, on which the kids did an excellent job.  However, when given six problems to complete, I had quite a few students do poorly.  This concerned me, but after looking more closely at their work, I realized that, feeling overconfident, my students had rushed through these problems making "silly" mistakes.

So, today we focused on what mistakes are.... Mistakes are to expected, mistakes are to be respected, mistakes are to be corrected, and mistakes are to be inspected.

I began by reminding my classes that mistakes are expected AND necessary for us to grow our brain!  I also reinforced the belief that mistakes are to be respected and so are the people that make them.  We ALL make mistakes!  I explained that we were going to spend the day correcting the mistakes, in order to inspect the mistakes made.  We would use this new understanding to ensure that we did not make the same mistake again!

Initially, my students were apprehensive, but when they saw and understood the mistakes they made, synapse fired and their brain grew... right in front of me! 

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