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Friday, October 23, 2015

Humboldt Paper Company (Day 1)

We continued our Extending Decimals study today by solving part 1 of the Humboldt Paper Company problem. I assigned this problem through Google Classroom, so all of the data was kept online.

The problem begins with the information we need:

Today's problem was

We began by reviewing decimal place value (tenths, hundredths, thousandths), then I gave an example of word form, expanded form using decimals, and expanded form using fractions.  Students worked in partners to ensure everyone understood the process and I walked the classroom to make adjustments in thinking and/or answer questions.  Once the classes started working, it was at that moment when I discovered the best part of students typing their work online.... I can READ their NUMBERS!

Once students completed this table, the next problem was:

b) Create a table that orders the paper names and their thicknesses from thickest to thinnest.

This problem was nice because students had to create a table using the computer.  Then they wrote the six decimal numbers on their desk with dry erase markers to place them in order, greatest to least.  It was very easy for me to see which students understood equivalent decimals, and which students understood ordering decimals using the place value.  Once they had the numbers in order, they had to type the name of the paper and its thickness into the newly created table.

Finally, students were asked to:

c) Write a comparison statement using the symbols >, <, or = to compare the thickness of two of the paper types.

At this point, students were able to turn in their work, work through an xtramath.org session and, if time, work on Khan Academy.

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