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Monday, October 26, 2015

Humboldt Paper Company (Day 2)

We began math class today with one of my favorite warm ups.  The warm up is called a Would You Rather.  Today's was:

To determine their answer, students had to discover how many feet were in a mile using their STAAR Grade 5 Mathematics Reference Materials

They also needed to know how many days old they are.  To make this painless, I gave them a link:  http://www.beatcanvas.com/daysalive.asp .  Using this information, they were able to make a reasonable mathematical response.  Afterwards, I asked them which I should choose, then I asked them to help me determine how old they should be for their number of days to be more profitable!

Then, we continued with the Humboldt Paper Company today.  Our focus was rounding decimals.  Our tasks:

Once students had completed the tables by first rounding, and then by choosing the comparison symbol that compared the original decimal to its rounded version they were asked to think about the math they had just done:

To finish out the math class, students completed an xtramath.org exercise, and then completed a Countdown to STAAR.  If they did not complete the Countdown, it was assigned for homework.

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