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Monday, October 19, 2015

Order of Operations: Kahoot

We will be taking a math assessment tomorrow.  A few of the questions will be answered using PEMDAS, so I wanted to review the Order of Operations.  To begin, I had students look over the Depth of Knowledge problem from Thursday.  We worked the problem together, which allowed students to see any problems with their thinking.  Next, I wanted to spend time practicing.  Last year, I had the students work on a "leaf" worksheet to practice this concept.  

While my student,s last year, were a little mollified by the fact they got to color the leaf on a worksheet, this year's classes were much more excited to solve two KAHOOTs instead.  Each Kahoot had 12 expressions.  As usual, being allowed a "game" and a dry erase marker, there was little to no grumbling about solving 24 problems!  The first Kahoot is called Order of Operations (Part 1) and the second is called Order of Operations (Part 2).

Once we had completed the two Kahoots, I had the students complete a Depth of Knowledge prompt:

Playing two kahoots took the majority of class time, so there wasn't a Countdown to STAAR today.  Instead, I had students begin working through a Khan Academy section called Algebraic Thinking.  We will spend extra time over the next few days completing this Khan Academy set of activities.

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