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Friday, October 2, 2015

Outdoor School Trip is MONDAY

Our trip to The Outdoor School is MONDAY!  So, today we went over some last minute information.

We began by practicing our Attitude Check.... ask your child to demonstrate!  Then we talked about PRIDE.  I explained that we will be looking for instances of each of these over the next two days.  

  • P is for perseverance.  We will show perseverance in problem solving, and in getting out of our comfort zone and into our courage zone as we climb the rock wall and go through the ropes course.  
  • R is for respect.  Students are expected to show respect to each other, to all adults who are around them, and respect to the property we will be on.
  • I is for integrity.  Doing what is right... ALL of the time.  No matter where you are or who you are with.
  • D is for discipline, self-discipline.  We discussed this in campfire this morning.  Showing self-discipline instead of impulsiveness.
  • E is for encouragement.  This is a big one at Outdoor School.  Students need to be constantly encouraging each other as they strive to meet their goals, especially on the rock wall and high ropes course.
I explained that when we get back into school on Wednesday each Day Group will vote on the boy and girl who showed the most PRIDE during their visit to The Outdoor School.

Next we talked out sack lunches.  Lunches need to be brought in a SACK so that everything can be tossed instead of lugging around a lunch box.  We also took names of students who thought they would get a sack lunch from the school cafeteria.  I explained to those students that they need to be sure to have a drink for their lunch since we will not save the milk for four hours.  Also, students whose parents are attending as chaperones need to be sure to have their lunch with them, not with a parent.

On to packing... we walked through the packing list.  The most important thing is to put all of the sleeping items and towels in a LABELED trash bag and pack a second LABELED trash bag to get the stuff home in.  We also talked about manky flip flops to use as shower shoes and to get to and from kayaking.  We also discussed the need for a water bottle that has a lid!  Be sure to send a water bottle!  We will be outside for two days!

Next was meds.  The form needs to be filled out and placed in a ziploc along with the meds in the original packaging or prescription bottle.

Finally, I gave a new t-shirt order form to kids who thought they might want a t-shirt from the trip.

Monday we will leave around 9:45!

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