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Friday, November 6, 2015

Decimal Operations: Add/Subtract/Multiply using Quizizz.com

I took a time today to do a quick assessment using www.quizizz.com .  I found out about this type of "game" at the workshop I attended last week.  This format is very similar to using a Kahoot, with a few differences.
  1. Kahoot has a two-minute time limit, while Quizizz has a five-minute limit.
  2. On Quizizz, students are not waiting for each other to complete a question, they are moving at their own pace.
  3. There is an element of competition, however, there seems to be less stress in that there is more time available and people aren't waiting on you.
I gave it a try and loved it!  I will still use Kahoot, don't get me wrong, but the kids were much more relaxed while being able to solve word problems.  I used a worksheet called "First Come, First Served" that I have from The Mailbox Teacher Helper from April/May 2013.  As usual, the format of an online "game" kept the kids much more engaged than filling out a worksheet.... it also saves paper!

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